Nursing care plan for pancreatitis

Nursing care plan for pancreatitis



Pancreatitis is a medical condition where the pancreas becomes inflamed, which causes pain, nausea, vomiting and other assocaited complications. Treatment and management of pancreatitis can be done through a nursing care plan.


Medical History: patient’s medical records should be obtained to understand the severity of the condition and prior interventions that were implemented for pancreatitis.

Physical Examination: physical examination should be done to adequate pain history, review of medications and management of any present dehydration and electrolyte imbalance.

Nursing Diagnosis

Acute/Chronic Pain: patient's pain should be assessed to ensure that they are properly guided and monitored when receiving medication.

Risk for Fluid Volume Deficit: patient may be at risk for fluid volume deficit due to the presence of vomiting and other associated symptoms associated with pancreatitis.


Patient will reporting decreased level of pain and patient will demonstrate improved ability to hydrate.


  • Pain Management: patient should be provided with pain medications to help reduce inflammation and control pain.
  • Fluid Balance: patient should be monitored for weight changes, intake and output and appropriate interventions should be made to maintain balance.
  • Nutrition Support: patient should be encouraged to follow approved dietary recommendations, monitor food intake and provide appropriate nutritional supplements.
  • Monitor Labs: laboratory values should be monitored hourly to evaluate progress and make appropriate interventions based on the results.


Pain Management: Proper pain management can improve patient comfort, help reduce inflammation and prevent further complications associated with pancreatitis.

Fluid Balance: Maintaining proper fluid balance can help prevent excessive dehydration and electrolyte imbalance.

Nutrition Support: Adequate nutrition is necessary for the healing of pancreatitis for better patient outcomes.

Monitor Labs: this helps in providing relevant clinical assessment data for monitoring of patient condition.


Patient's response to interventions should be monitored and evaluated on an ongoing basis. Response to interventions can be seen such as significant reduction in pain, improvement in fluid balance and outcome of laboratory tests.


The care of patients with pancreatitis should be done using a comprehensive nursing care plan. Assessment, diagnosis, interventions and evaluations should be done collaboratively with healthcare team to provide the best possible care for the patient.


  • What is a nursing care plan?
    A nursing care plan is a strict set of guidelines that should be followed for individuals with certain health conditions to ensure quality care and optimal outcomes.
  • What are the goals of a nursing care plan?
    The goal of a nursing care plan is to improve quality of life, provide relief from symptoms and improve patient outcomes.
  • How often should a nursing care plan be reviewed?
    A nursing care plan should be reviewed on a regular basis or whenever an issue arises in order to ensure that it is still applicable and effective.
  • What interventions should be done for pancreatitis?
    Interventions for pancreatitis include pain management, fluid balance, nutrition support, and monitoring of lab values.
  • How will you know if the nursing care plan is successful?
    The success of the nursing care plan can be determined by looking at the patient response to interventions such as reduction in pain and improvement in lab results.

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