Nursing care plan for breastfeeding

Nursing care plan for breastfeeding



Breastfeeding is the most natural and beneficial way to nourish a baby. It is important for mothers to have a solid plan for nursing care when breastfeeding. Although some mothers are able to breastfeed successfully without assistance, others may need help or guidance. Establishing a nursin g care plan is an essential tool that can help guide mothers in providing effective and safe nursing care.


The nurse who is creating the nursing care plan should assess the mother's physical and psychological ability to breastfeed. This includes assessing the mother's health and any conditions that may affect her ability to breastfeed. The nurse should also assess the infant’s condition and the infant's ability to feed effectively.

Nursing Diagnosis

Based on the assessment, the nurse will establish a list of nursing diagnoses relevant to the situation. Examples of nursing diagnoses relevant to breastfeeding include: impaired lactation, ineffective infant feeding pattern, and risk for insufficient breastmilk production.


Once the diagnosis is established, the nurse will develop outcomes that are measurable and attainable. An example of an outcome might be “The mother will be able to initiate and maintain consistent and effective breastfeeding within one month of delivery.” Other outcomes might include: improved infant feeding, increased breastmilk supply, and improved mother-infant attachment.


The nurse will then develop interventions that can assist the mother with achieving the outcomes. Examples of interventions may include: providing education on proper breastfeeding technique, positioning for successful breastfeeding, and assisting with latch-on and other breastfeeding-related challenges. The nurse may also refer the mother to a lactation consultant for further assistance.


When planning interventions, it is important to consider the rationales for why the interventions are being implemented. For example, education on proper breastfeeding technique will help the mother understand how to correctly and efficiently position her baby for optimum latch-on. Referral to a lactation consultant can provide the mother with additional support and resources needed to reach the desired outcomes.


The nurse should monitor and evaluate the progress of the mother and infant during the course of their nursing care plan. During evaluation, the nurse should measure the effectiveness of the interventions, adjust the nursing care plan accordingly, and document any changes.


Creating a nursing care plan for breastfeeding is an important part of ensuring that mothers and infants are provided with safe, effective care. A nurse must assess the mother and infant, establish appropriate nursing diagnoses, develop attainable outcomes, and implement effective interventions in order to ensure successful breastfeeding.


  • Are nursing care plans necessary for breastfeeding?
    Yes, nursing care plans are essential in helping mothers and infants to achieve successful breastfeeding.
  • How often should a nursing care plan be updated?
    The nursing care plan should be monitored and updated as needed to ensure the most effective care.
  • What is the primary goal of a nursing care plan?
    The primary goal of a nursing care plan is to provide comprehensive, person-centered care for individuals and families.
  • What interventions may be included in a nursing care plan?
    Interventions included in a nursing care plan may include providing education on breastfeeding technique, assisting with latch-on, and referring to a lactation consultant for additional support.
  • How do nurses know if the nursing care plan is successful?
    Nurses should assess the progress and evaluate the effectiveness of the interventions in order to determine if the nursing care plan is successful.

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