Nursing care plan for adoption


Introduction to Nursing Care Plan for Adoption

Adoption is a big decision that requires potential parents to consider all the potential changes in their life when a new child is added. Nurses play an important role in supporting families through the process, from evaluation to placement and beyond.


The assessment of a family’s readiness for adoption involves considering their physical, mental and emotional health. Nurses must screen the family for any existing medical or developmental conditions and evaluate the existing support system of extended family and friends. The nurse must also assess the family’s financial situation in order to ensure they can meet the legal and therapeutic costs associated with adoption.

Nursing Diagnosis

After an assessment has been completed, nurses are responsible for identifying the individual and family goals. These may include factor such as stress management, coping mechanisms, and the need for additional resources and support. Nurses should create a nursing diagnosis based on the information gathered to create a framework for interventions.


Once the nursing diagnosis is determined, the nurse can develop outcomes for the family. Outcomes are measurable goals for growth, development and success, such as improving communication in the family or increasing the network of social supports. These measurable objectives allow the nurse to track progress and make adaptations as needed.


Once outlined, specific interventions can be chosen to help the family work towards their stated outcomes. Interventions may include therapeutic activities and conversations, referrals to support services and guidance on resources. Nurses can also provide anticipatory counseling on topics such as attachment, bonding and family dynamics.


Any interventions used should be backed by research-based rationales. This is essential to ensure the chosen interventions are effective and helpful in reaching the desired outcomes. Nurses should not hesitate to consult with colleagues and review the current literature to determine appropriate approaches.


To measure the effectiveness of the chosen interventions, nurses should evaluate the response of the family to the interventions. Careful observation of the interactions between the family and any included services can provide insight into the overall progress being made. The nurse can then make necessary adjustments as needed.


Adoption is a complex process filled with joy and stress. Through careful assessment, diagnosis and implementation of interventions, nurses can help families to achieve the best possible outcome for their new addition. By providing a safe, supportive and nurturing environment, nurses can help to set the family up for success.


  • What is involved in an adoption assessment? An assessment is an evaluation of the family’s physical, mental and emotional health. It also includes an evaluation of the family’s finances, existing support systems and willingness to proceed with adoption.
  • What is anticipatory counseling? Anticipatory counseling is the process of preparing families for potential issues that may arise during and after adoption.
  • How can nurses develop outcomes? After the assessment has taken place, nurses should identify individual and family goals, such as stress management and increasing the network of social supports. These goals can be used to create measurable objectives.
  • How can nurses measure progress? Nurses should evaluate the response of the family to the interventions, observing their interactions with any involved services. They can then make necessary adjustments as needed.
  • What is the goal of nursing care for adoption? The goal is to provide a safe, supportive and nurturing environment, as well as help the family to reach the best possible outcome for their new addition.

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