Nursing care plan for acute abdominal pain



Acute abdominal pain is a common medical problem which requires a medical evaluation for diagnosis and treatment. The nursing care plan for acute abdominal pain includes assessment, a nursing diagnosis, outcomes, interventions, rationales, and evaluation.


Location – the location of the abdominal pain is assessed with palpation
Duration – how long has the individual been experiencing abdominal pain?
Intensity – on a scale of 0-10, how intense is the individual’s abdominal pain?
Characteristics – is the pain sharp, dull, or burning? Does it follow a pattern or move around?
Aggravating factors – what makes the abdominal pain worse?
Relieving factors – what makes the abdominal pain better?
Associated symptoms – is the individual also experiencing nausea, vomiting, fever, sweats, or chills?

Nursing Diagnosis

The nursing diagnosis for acute abdominal pain is Pain. It is the presence of uncomfortable physical sensation in the patient.


Patient will identify areas of comfort/discomfort related to the abdominal pain.
Patient will verbalize strategies to reduce or manage pain levels.
Patient will anticipate adverse reactions to medications used to treat the abdominal pain.


  • Assess location, intensity, duration, and characteristics of abdominal pain.
  • Encourage deep breathing and relaxation techniques to help manage pain.
  • Encourage activity as tolerated for improving circulation and oxygenation.
  • Administer medications as prescribed to reduce pain.
  • Instruct patient to monitor for potential side effects from medication.
  • Provide patient with advice on diet and lifestyle modifications if necessary.


Assessing the individual’s abdominal pain will aid the nurse in developing an appropriate strategy for pain management. Relaxation techniques and activity can help reduce pain levels, while medications can be given to address the cause of the pain. Additionally, dietary and lifestyle modifications can prevent further injury or illness.


Patient was able to identify areas of comfort and discomfort related to the abdominal pain. Patient was able to verbalize strategies to reduce or manage pain levels and was able to anticipate possible side effects of medications. Patient was given advice on diet and lifestyle modifications.


The nursing care plan for acute abdominal pain is effective in helping the individual manage and reduce the intensity of their abdominal pain. Assessment helps the nurse create an individualized care plan and interventions are tailored to the unique needs of the individual. Education and promotion of self-help strategies are key in reducing chronic illness and pain.


  1. What is acute abdominal pain?
    Acute abdominal pain is an intense, sudden pain typically in the abdomen that requires medical attention. It can have many causes, from a urinary tract infection to appendicitis.
  2. Where does abdominal pain tend to occur?
    Abdominal pain can occur anywhere in the abdomen, from the lower right side near the appendix to the upper left side near the spleen.
  3. What is included in a nursing care plan for abdominal pain?
    A nursing care plan for acute abdominal pain includes assessment, a nursing diagnosis, outcomes, interventions, rationales, and evaluation.
  4. Does acute abdominal pain always require medical attention?
    Yes, acute abdominal pain should always be evaluated by a doctor to receive an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.
  5. Can acute abdominal pain be prevented?
    In some instances, abdominal pain can be prevented through diet and lifestyle changes. However, it is necessary to receive a diagnosis prior to attempting any preventive measures.

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