Nursing care plan for amputation

Nursing care plan for amputation



A nursing care plan for amputations focuses on helping the patient through the life-altering event of having a limb removed. This plan includes holistic assessment and evaluation, nursing diagnosis and interventions, outcome statements and rationales, and patient evaluation and education.


Physical Assessment: This includes detailed evaluation of the patient's condition pre- and post-amputation, which involves gathering a history, physical exam findings, laboratory, etc.

Psychological Assessment: This assesses patient's coping mechanisms and attitude towards the amputation and his/her current life situation

Social Assessment: This takes into account the patient's family and support system, living environment, financial resources, etc.

Nursing Diagnosis

Ineffective Coping: The patient has difficulty managing the emotional and physical stresses related to the amputation.

Knowledge Deficit: The patient is lacking knowledge on how to manage and cope with the amputation.

Risk of Infection: The patient is at an increased risk for infection due to the surgical wound.


The patient will develop effective coping strategies to manage the stress of the amputation.

The patient will demonstrate an understanding of the issues related to the amputation.

The patient will remain free from infection.


Provide emotional support: Discuss feelings, listen to concerns, and provide reassurance.

Encourage verbalization of feelings: Invite patient to express feelings and ask questions.

Educate patient and family: Provide detailed information regarding adjustment to life after amputation.

Check wound healing status: Dress wound as necessary and monitor for signs of infection.


Providing emotional support: Enables the patient to feel comfortable expressing and talking about their feelings.

Encouraging verbalization of feelings: Helps the patient to vent emotions in a healthy way.

Educating patient and family: Teaches the patient and their family how to adjust to life after amputation.

Checking wound healing status: Prevents or identifies infection early.


Based on the patient’s evaluation and response to the interventions, evaluate the goal of managing stress and understanding issues related to amputation.


It is important to have a comprehensive nursing care plan in place in order to manage the stress associated with the amputation. With proper assessment and intervention the patient can cope with the changes and adjust to new daily activities.


  • Is it normal to be anxious after an amputation?

    Yes, it is perfectly normal to feel anxious after having an amputation. It is an overwhelming life-changing event and can bring up a range of feelings.

  • What are some coping strategies that can help?

    Some coping strategies include relaxation techniques, exercise, mindfulness practice, getting regular rest, finding a support group and connecting to others for support.

  • What is the recovery time period after an amputation?

    Recovery periods vary from person to person but generally speaking it takes about 1-2 weeks before the patient is able to begin normal activities.

  • Are there any special considerations for wound care during recovery?

    Yes, it is important to keep the wound moist, use gentle soap when cleaning the area, and avoid using lotions or creams on the wound until moments after its healed.

  • What should I do if I experience pain or discomfort?

    Pain and discomfort are common after an amputation. It is recommended that you contact your doctor right away if you experience any discomfort or pain, as this could be related to an infection.

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