Willingness To Improve The Commitment To Exercise

Willingness To Improve The Commitment To Exercise


Introduction for Nursing Diagnosis

NANDA Nursing Diagnoses provide a way to communicate effectively about a patient’s health condition. The diagnosis of Willingness to Improve the Commitment to Exercise is about the individual's intention, willingness and commitment to physically exercise with the guidance of a healthcare provider.

Nursing Diagnosis Definition

The Nursing Diagnosis of Willingness to Improve the Commitment to Exercise is defined as: Readiness to increase the amount of time dedicated to physical activity under the instruction of a healthcare provider.

Defining Characteristics: Subjective

  • Expresses self-efficacy

  • Gives commitment to adhere to treatment regimen

Defining Characteristics: Objective

  • Indicates intent to implement plan of care

  • Agrees to treatment goals

Related Factors

  • Inability to adhere to exercise plan due to lack of support or insufficient resources
  • Unavailability of beneficial activities
  • Inadequate equipment or surroundings
  • Lack of knowledge or understanding of exercise and its benefits

Risk Population

  • People with illnesses that limit mobility
  • Older adults
  • People who are obese or have poor fitness levels

Associated Problems

  • Reduced Physical Activity
  • Reduced Cardiac Output
  • Decreased Anti-inflammatory Capacity
  • Weight Gain

Suggestions for Use

  • Encourage patient to assess readiness for exercise before beginning a program.
  • Assess the patient’s current level of physical activity.
  • Provide support and education on benefits of exercise.
  • Advise patient to participate in regular physical activity.

Suggested Alternatives to Nursing Diagnosis

  • Readiness for Enhanced Physical Activity
  • Readiness for Enhanced Exercise Plan
  • Readiness for Enhanced Self-Care

Usability Tips

  • Focus on improving and reinforcing the patient’s commitment to exercise over time, rather than setting unrealistic long-term goals.
  • Ask questions and listen carefully to the patient's responses to gain insights into what kind of commitment may be realistic.
  • Allow the patient to set their own realistic goals for increasing exercise.

NOC Outcomes

  • Physical Mobility: Ability to move purposefully from one place to another. Increase in patient’s aerobic capacity and muscle strength, which can lead to improved mobility.
  • Exercise Therapy: Ability to participate in physical activity prescribed by healthcare provider to improve health. Increase in patient’s physical activity.
  • Self-Efficacy: Belief that one can handle desired changes to maintain health. Increase in the patient’s confidence in their ability to achieve exercise goals.

NIC Interventions

  • Exercise Therapy: Assisting a patient to increase participation in physical activity as an adjunct to medical management to improve health.
  • Social Support: Encouraging a patient to be socially active and providing encouragement and reinforcement to do so.
  • Adherence Enhancing: Developing protocols and strategies to improve a patient’s compliance with their prescribed health plan.

Conclusion and FAQ

The Nursing Diagnosis of Willingness to Improve the Commitment to Exercise focuses on the individual’s intention to increase physical activity under the instruction of a healthcare provider. With adequate support from healthcare professionals and family members, the individual can achieve their health goals and be successful in their overall health care.


  • What is Nursing Diagnosis? Nursing Diagnosis is an internationally recognized taxonomy used to classify nursing diagnoses.
  • When should this diagnosis be considered? This diagnosis should be considered when working with individuals who have illnesses that limit mobility and when they are not adequately adhering to their exercise plan.
  • How is the diagnosis evaluated? The diagnosis is evaluated based on the patient’s expressed readiness to increase the amount of time dedicated to physical activity under the instruction of a healthcare provider.

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