Risk Of Urinary Tract Injury

Risk Of Urinary Tract Injury


Introduction to Nursing Diagnosis: Risk of Urinary Tract Injury

The Risk of Urinary Tract Injury nursing diagnosis refers to a risk of the potential development of damage to the genitourinary tract from injury or infection. This nursing diagnosis can be related to a variety of factors, including weakened immune system, poor nutrition and urinary tract obstructions. It is important for nurses to assess the risk factors for the development of this condition, identify interventions to reduce the risk, and provide specific instructions on how to care for patients with a risk of urinary tract injury.

Nursing Diagnosis Definition

The Nursing Diagnosis of "Risk of Urinary Tract Injury" is defined as a potential vulnerability in which an individual is at risk of incurring physical harm to the genitourinary tract due to accidental trauma, infective agents, or iatrogenic (medically induced) causes.

Defining Characteristics


  • Expresses fear about medical interventions
  • Expresses fear about illness
  • Expresses fear about future health


  • Presence of decreased strength
  • Presence of decreased mobility
  • Presence of infection
  • Presence of incontinence
  • Presence of catheterization
  • Presence of tumors/polyps

Related Factors

  • Low fluid intake resulting in decreased urine output
  • Bladder outlet obstruction
  • Inability to void due to circulatory disturbances or postoperative conditions
  • Weakened immune system
  • Impaired renal function

Risk Population

Individuals who are vulnerable to urinary tract injury are those who are elderly, have decreased mobility, weakened immune systems, and are undergoing medical intervention such as catheterization, dialysis, or surgery.

Associated Problems

The associated problems may include urinary tract infections, trauma, bladder spasms, and the formation of stones or tumors.

Suggestions for Use

The Risk of Urinary Tract Injury nursing diagnosis may be used to assess the patient's risk and provide interventions to prevent the patient from developing this condition. Nurses should also assist in educating the patient's family or caregiver on ways to reduce the risk of urinary tract injury.

Suggested Alternative Nursing Diagnosis

  • Risk for Falls
  • Ineffective Immune System
  • Risk for Infection
  • Pain

Usage Tips

When using this diagnosis, it is important to assess and monitor the patient's risk factors and develop a plan of care that includes interventions to reduce the risk of developing urinary tract injury.

NOC Results

  • Infection Control - Risk of infection is reduced.
  • Mobility: Physical - Mobility and physical functioning is improved.
  • Health Maintenance - The patient is able to recognize risks and complete prevention measures.
  • Nutrition: Hydration - Patient is able to maintain adequate hydration.
  • Injury Prevention - Risk of injury is minimized.

NIC Interventions

  • Monitor urinary output to detect any changes in urine production.
  • Assess skin integrity in patients with urinary catheters or indwelling Foley catheters.
  • Administer prescribed medications to treat and/or prevent infection.
  • Encourage water intake to prevent dehydration.
  • Educate patient and/or family on prevention of falls and ways to minimize the risk for developing infection.
  • Evaluate patients for signs of infection, such as blood in the urine.

Conclusion and FAQ

The Risk of Urinary Tract Injury nursing diagnosis is important to assess and manage in any patient population. The nurse should assess the patient's risk factors and implement interventions to reduce the risk of developing this condition. With proper assessment, education, and preventative strategies, the patient can be well-prepared to prevent and manage this diagnosis.

Frequent Asked Questions

  • What are the signs and symptoms of this nursing diagnosis?
  • What can be done to reduce the risk?
  • What is the best way to address the patient's fear?
  • What nursing interventions should be used to monitor the patient?

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