Provision To Improve The Organized Behavior Of The Infant

Provision To Improve The Organized Behavior Of The Infant .



Nursing Diagnosis is a classification system used by many health care organizations that help nurses and other clinicians assess patient care in order to plan and provide a nursing plan of care, which is customized to the needs of individual patients. Nursing Diagnosis provide organized set of criteria to systematically identify potential areas of nursing intervention.

Nursing Diagnosis: Provision of Improvement to The Organized Behavior of The Infant

Defining Characteristics


  • Expresses fears or conflict.
  • Shows reluctance to participate in activities.
  • Exhibits developmental delays.
  • Makes poor eye contact.


  • Agitates easily.
  • Cries excessively.
  • Displays irritability.
  • Engages in activities without attending systematically.

Related Factors

  • Illness or injury.
  • Inadequate environmental conditions.
  • Inadequate social psychological factors.
  • Missed developmental milestones.

Risk Population

Infants 15 months old or younger.

Associated Problems

  • Delayed developmental progress.
  • Risky behaviors.
  • Difficulty forming relationships.
  • Mood swings.

Suggestions for Use

To intervene and develop the infant’s ability to organize behavior, it is important to provide an environment that stimulates exploration and active participation; provide learning opportunities; and reinforce appropriate activities.

Suggested Alternative Nursing Diagnosis

  • Disturbed Sleep/Wake Pattern.
  • Impaired Social Interaction.
  • Ineffective Coping.
  • Injury, Risk for.

Usage Tips

  • Identify associated factors that contribute to the behavior so that there is an effective treatment plan.
  • Develop goals and objectives that will help the infant to organize behavior in an appropriate manner.
  • Encourage parental involvement and participation.
  • Keep records of the child’s progress and document any behaviors that change or improve.

NOC Results

  • Social Development: The infant is able to interact with people and objects in an organized way.
  • Foresight and Planning: The infant shows good planning skills and can anticipate the consequences of his/her behavior.
  • Health Behavior: The infant is able to make decisions about health in an organized way and practices healthy habits.

NIC Interventions

  • Behavior Guidance: Modify the environment to stimulate exploration and active participation in appropriate behaviors.
  • Development Teaching: Provide experience appropriate to the age of the infant.
  • Parent Teaching: Encourage parental involvement in organizing the behavior of their infant.


Nursing Diagnosis: Provision of Improvement to The Organized Behavior of The Infant enables nurses, in cooperation with other clinicians, to measure and plan care interventions in an effective manner. It helps in forming an organized structure as well as gives advice on how to attend to the infant needs in a comprehensive way.


  • What age are infants typically diagnosed with this condition? Infants 15 months old or younger are usually the ones receiving this diagnosis.
  • Do related factors have any influence on the diagnosis? Yes, factors such as illness or injury, inadequate environment, inadequate social psychological factors and missed developmental milestones can all contribute to the diagnosis.
  • What type of interventions can be used to provide improvement to the organized behavior of an infant? Behavior guidance, development teaching and parent teaching.

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