Provision To Improve The Maternity Process

Provision To Improve The Maternity Process


Introduction to Nursing Diagnosis: Provision to Improve the Maternity Process

Maternity care is a vital aspect of proper healthcare, and can affect the well-being of an entire family. To maximize the positive effect of such complex care, though, it’s essential to make sure that each involved party is following the best standards. Nursing prescriptions can play a significant role in helping healthcare providers to provide appropriate maternity care.

Nursing Diagnosis Definition

Nursing diagnosis regarding provision for improved maternity care focuses on providing appropriate and timely treatments to pregnant women  so as to ensure their well-being physically and emotionally,
as well as the well-being of family members.

Defining Characteristics

  • Subjective - Anxiety due to discrepancies in healthcare procedures.
  • Objective - Denial of patient autonomy in decision-making processes; signs of inferior quality/inappropriate childcare.

Related Factors

The related factors to the nurse’s prescription of providing improvement in maternity care may include:

  • Poor communication between the healthcare provider and the patient.
  • Lack of clarity in the patient-provider relationship.
  • Inadequate understanding of patient autonomy in decision-making.
  • Socio-economic factors such as restricted access to care.

Explanation: All of these factors can contribute to the hindrance of proper maternity care. Furthermore, the nurse’s prescription is aimed at making sure that all of these factors are addressed.

Risk Population

Those who are particularly at risk for not receiving adequate and appropriate maternity care may include:

  • Low-income individuals.
  • Uninsured individuals.
  • Women who are emotionally distressed.

Explanation: All of these populations may face issues with accessing proper healthcare, and may require advocacy on behalf of a nurse.

Associated Problems

Healthcare associated problems which may complicate the nurse’s prescription on providing improved maternity care may include:

  • Lack of patient education.
  • Confusion about the available proactive and preventive care options.
  • Failure to adhere to prescribed medical orders.
  • Incomplete healthcare support services.

Explanation: All of these problems can lead to complications in providing maternity care and must be identified and corrected by the nurse in order to provide the best outcomes.

Suggestions of Use

The nurse’s prescription of providing improved maternity care includes:

  • Health education.
  • Focused testing and continual evaluation.
  • Advocacy for quality care in those at risk of not having it.
  • Counseling or support system to reduce anxiety and allow for informed decisions.

Explanation: Through these actions, nurses are able to help ensure that the necessary components of quality maternity care are in place.

Suggested Alternative Nursing Diagnosis

Alternative nursing diagnoses for promoting successful maternity care may include:

  • Knowledge deficit related to maternity care.
  • Ineffective health maintenance related to breastfeeding.
  • Risk for distress related to prenatal infection.
  • Fatigue related to prolonged physical labor.

Explanation: All of these diagnoses offer a comprehensive approach to fostering successful maternity care.

Usage Tips

When using this nursing diagnosis, nurses need to:

  • Clearly communicate with the patient.
  • Continue to monitor progress.
  • Assess the effects of any interventions.
  • Work collaboratively with other healthcare professionals.

NOC Results

Clinical success in this nursing diagnosis may be measured by:

  • Patient Safety: how well the patient is monitored during care and interventions.
  • Self-Care: how well the patient is able to manage her own care under the nurse’s guidance.
  • Comfort: how well the patient’s anxiety is reduced.
  • Infection Control: how well the patient’s environment is kept free of infection.

Explanation: These outcomes measure the success of the nurse’s prescription of providing improved maternity care.

NIC Interventions

Interventions that can be included when providing improved maternity care include:

  • Health Promotion: provide the patient with appropriate health management techniques.
  • Infection Control: ensure the patient’s environment is kept safe from infection.
  • Documentation: document assessments and interventions for thorough patient care.
  • Health Teaching: facilitate patient's comprehension of diagnosis, prognosis and care plan.

Explanation: These interventions help a nurse provide the best possible care for a pregnant woman.


Maternity care is a complicated process and nurses play a crucial role in ensuring the best outcomes for both mother and child. With the right nursing diagnosis and interventions, nurses can provide the best care to pregnant women while also advocating for them and promoting healthy outcomes.


  • What nursing diagnosis is used in maternity care? Nursing diagnosis that focus on providing improved maternity care include knowledge deficit, ineffective health maintenance, risk for distress, and fatigue.
  • How can nurses help ensure proper maternity care? Nurses can help ensure proper maternity care by providing health education, focused testing and continual evaluation, advocacy for quality care, and counseling or support systems.
  • What measures should be used to assess clinical success with this nursing diagnosis? Clinical success in this nursing diagnosis should be assessed through patient safety, self-care, comfort and infection control.

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