Poor Community Health

Poor Community Health


Introduction to Nursing Diagnosis: Poor Community Health

Nanda nursing diagnosis: poor community health is a nursing diagnosis that recognizes the need to identify and address health issues within a specific community. The diagnosis assists nurses to consider the health of an entire population, rather than just individuals, which helps to identify higher-level threats or interventions. It is important to assess and address poor community health in order to “improve health outcomes, prevent illness or injury, deter or reduce risk factors or conditions, improve the quality of life, or directly impact the patient’s plan of care.”

Nursing Diagnosis Definition

nursing diagnosis: Poor Community Health is defined as “a state in which specific biomarkers indicative of health status are absent from a population or community. This may be determined through assessment techniques such as surveys, interviews, or observations of a population’s behavior.”

Defining Characteristics


  • Lack of access to health resources
  • Poor nutrition
  • Low levels of exercise
  • Inadequate housing
  • Unemployment or underemployment


  • Presence of communicable disease or illnesses
  • High levels of morbidity and mortality
  • High prevalence of risk factors associated with poor health outcomes

Related Factors

There are a number of factors related to poor community health which can include: socioeconomic status, environment and access to services, lack of support systems, and limited resources.

Risk Populations

Those most at risk for developing poor community health include the elderly, people living in poverty, minorities and those living in rural communities.

Associated Problems

Associated problems with poor community health include increased incidents of communicable diseases and illnesses, substance abuse, child abuse, domestic violence and mental health problems.

Suggestion of Use

nursing diagnosis: Poor Community Health can help nurses to identify health needs and prioritize interventions for populations at risk for developing health issues.

Suggested Alternative Nursing Diagnosis

Alternative NANDA nursing diagnoses include: delayed growth and development, risk for unbalanced nutrition, risk for imbalanced body temperature, risk for ineffective individual coping, anxiety, fear, and risk for infection.

Usage Tips

  • Assess the population’s health resources and identify areas of need.
  • Educate patients on preventative measures and health management.
  • Refer to appropriate community health resources.
  • Include the family and community in the planning of care.
  • Collaborate with community partners to provide improved health care services.

NOC Results

  • Comfort Level: Ability to identify and alleviate physical and emotional discomforts
  • Knowledge: Understanding of preventative health strategies
  • Quality of Life: Perceived satisfaction on life's purpose and roles
  • Community Health Status: Ability to identify community resource needs & access services

NIC Interventions

  • Health Promotion/Disease Prevention: Educating individuals on preventative health measures
  • Case Management: Facilitating health care services in the community
  • Health Education: Promoting healthy lifestyle practices
  • Risk Reduction: Engaging the community in activities to enhance health

Conclusion and FAQ

nursing diagnosis: Poor Community Health is an important diagnostic tool for nurses to identify and prioritize health issues within a community for improving health outcomes. It is important to assess socioeconomic factors and access to resources, in order to appropriately manage and address community health concerns.

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