Nursing care plan for labor and delivery

Nursing care plan for labor and delivery



Labor and delivery is an important event in any woman’s life, and having a proper nursing care plan in place is essential for a safe and healthy birth. A nursing care plan for labor and delivery helps nurses to assess, provide and reassess care for a mother and her newborn during labor and delivery.


A comprehensive assessment includes include physical and psychological assessments of the laboring woman. The nurse should assess current pain levels, vital signs and evaluate any unidentified risk factors. The nurse should also assess a patient's emotional status and progress in labor. Additionally, the nurse must assess the fetal heart rate and any sign of distress in the fetus.

Nursing Diagnosis

Common nursing diagnosis for a woman in labor and delivery can include: impaired skin integrity due to prolonged labor, risk for infection due to rupture of membranes, risk for sudden fetal death due to intrauterine malpresentation and ineffective coping due to labor pain or anxiety.


The nurse should conceptualize reasonable and measurable nursing outcomes for the labor and delivery. Goals may include:reducing labor pain, providing information regarding the process of labor, identifying coping strategies to cope with labor pain, teaching the new mother how to recognize signs of infection and encouraging the family in the labor and delivery process.


Interventions should focus on providing comfort measures and support during labor, promoting optimal fetal positioning, increasing patient knowledge, providing appropriate assistance and advice when needed, monitoring vital signs and infant heart rate, and educating family members.


It is important to support the interventions by writing detailed rationales. Rationales explain why the intervention is necessary or beneficial. For example, providing comfort measures: To maintain or reduce pain during the labor process, provide non-pharmacologic comfort measures such as massage and slow breathing exercises.


The nurse should evaluate the outcome measures and determine whether or not the care plan was effective. The evaluation should include patient feedback, response to care, physical findings and results of diagnostic tests.


A comprehensive nursing care plan for labor and delivery is essential to ensure safety and quality care to the mother and baby. Nurses should utilize evidence-based practices to create individualized care plans that address the needs of the patients.


  • What do I need to do to prepare for labor? - To prepare for labor and delivery, it is recommended that you consult with your doctor or midwife, attend childbirth classes, and establish a labor and delivery plan.
  • What is the difference between labor and delivery? - Labor is defined as the time when contractions begin until delivery while delivery is defined as the expulsion of the infant, placenta and fetal membranes from the mother's womb.
  • What are some common interventions during labor and delivery? - Common interventions during labor and delivery include monitoring vital signs, providing comfort measures, promoting optimal fetal positioning and increasing patient knowledge.
  • What risks are associated with labor and delivery? - Risks associated with labor and delivery include infection, adverse reactions to medications, premature delivery, retained placenta and traumatic delivery.
  • How should a nurse evaluate the effectiveness of a nursing care plan for labor and delivery? - A nurse should evaluate the outcome measures and determine whether or not the care plan was effective. The evaluation should include patient feedback, response to care, physical findings and results of diagnostic tests.

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