Ineffective Sexuality Pattern

Ineffective Sexuality Pattern



nursing diagnosis is an established, standardized way of defining and classifying expected patient outcomes. Through its use, nurses have a means to communicate with other health care professionals as to the kind of care being provided and the resulting effects on patient health. In this article, focus will be on ‘Ineffective Sexuality Pattern’, one of the nursing diagnosis.

Nursing Diagnosis Definition

The NANDA definition for ‘Ineffective Sexuality Pattern’ states that it is a nursing diagnosis that “refers to an individual’s inability to meet his or her own sexual needs and expectations”.

Defining Characteristics


  • Feelings of sadness about not meeting sexual needs
  • Stress related to sexual expectations
  • Feelings of inadequacy in sexual relationships
  • Expressions of guilt related to sex


  • Apathy to sexual activities
  • Signs of agitation during sexual intercourse
  • Abnormal expression of sexual behavior
  • Decrease in libido

Related Factors

There are a number of related factors that can contribute to an individual's ineffective sexuality pattern. These include: physical or mental illness, disabilities, religious beliefs, cultural and family norms, gender roles, educational background, age, and societal pressures and anxieties.

Risk Population

This nursing diagnosis is most commonly associated with individuals who have physical or mental illnesses, disabilities, and those who face cultural, religious and gender-based limitations in their lives. Additionally, those with limited access to education and inadequate understanding of sexual health may also be at risk.

Associated Problems

Patients that feel unable to meet their own sexual needs and expectations are likely to feel frustrated, anxious, inadequate and depressed. Such feelings may lead to a decrease in self-esteem and an individual being less able to cope with stress.

Suggestions for Use

Nurses should use this nursing diagnosis when assessing their patients for any signs of ineffective sexuality pattern. Utilizing appropriate interventions, such as psychoeducation and the facilitation of support systems and networks, can help a patient work towards resolving their problem and achieving better sexual health.

Suggested Alternative Nursing Diagnosis

Alternative NANDA diagnoses which could be used to provide further insight into diagnosis and aid in treatment of effective sexuality pattern include: Impaired Social Interaction, Anxiety, and Powerlessness.

Usage Tips

Assessment of patient’s sexual health should be done in a non-judgmental manner, respecting an individual’s privacy and beliefs. Assessment should also involve a thorough process of obtaining the patient’s medical and personal history.

NOC Results

When caring for a patient with ineffective sexuality pattern, the following positive NOC results may result from the actions of a nurse:

  • Sexual Comprehension - information about sexual health is understood.
  • Sexual Expressions - emotions and feelings about sexual health are expressed.
  • Interpersonal Relationships - social interactions and relationships are improved.

NIC Interventions

Nurses should institute interventions with the goal of helping patients to meet their sexual needs and expectations. These interventions can range from providing education to facilitating access to appropriate counseling and support.

  • Psychoeducation - education about sexual health and expression provided.
  • Referral Counseling - referrals to counseling and support services provided.
  • Health Teaching - health information and guidance offered.
  • Support System Enhancement - assistance with creating, maintaining and utilizing supportive relationships provided.


Ineffective sexuality pattern is a nursing diagnosis that refers to an individual’s inability to meet their own sexual needs and expectations. Nurses should acknowledge its occurrence and use appropriate intervention strategies to assist those affected by it. Through the implementation of these nursing interventions, positive clinical outcomes can be achieved.


  • What is nursing diagnosis ‘Ineffective Sexuality Pattern’?
  • nursing diagnosis ‘Ineffective Sexuality Pattern’ is a diagnosis referring to an individual’s inability to meet their own sexual needs and expectations.
  • Which nursing diagnosis could be used in conjunction with ‘Ineffective Sexuality Pattern’?
  • Alternative nursing diagnosis which could be used in conjunction with ‘Ineffective Sexuality Pattern’ include Impaired Social Interaction, Anxiety, and Powerlessness.

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