Energy Field Imbalance

Energy Field Imbalance


Introduction to Nursing Diagnosis: Energy Field Imbalance

Nursing diagnosis is defined as a clinical judgment concerning a human response to health conditions/life processes, or a vulnerability for that response, by an individual, family, group, or community. The diagnosis identifies goals of nursing care and serves as a means in the planning and delivery of nursing services.

Nursing Diagnosis Definition:

Energy Field Imbalance is defined by NANDA International as “disruptions in natural energy fields generalized through the body”.

Defining Characteristics:

Subjective Data

  • Reports of feeling drained after contact with particular person or situation
  • Reports of fatigue, lethargy, or malaise
  • Voluntary verbalization of energy disturbances
  • Unusual exhaustibility

Objective Data

  • Low concentration levels
  • Significant imbalances in left/right brain hemisphere activations
  • Disturbances in meridian pathways
  • Abnormal EEG readings

Related Factors:

  • Exposure to physical or emotional stress
  • Toxin accumulation due to poor dietary/lifestyle choices
  • Inadequate nutrition
  • Lack of exercise/energy expenditure
  • Fear, grief, or excessive anger

Risk Population:

Those individuals with a weakened immune system, such as aging, those with chronic illnesses, and those who have been exposed to toxicity from long-term medication use, are at particular risk for energy field imbalances.

Associated Problems:

Individuals with energy field imbalances can experience painful physical symptoms, disorientation, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and an inability to concentrate or sleep.

Suggested Use:

A nursing diagnosis of energy field imbalance is often used in cases where a patient has been experiencing difficulty sleeping and/or concentrating, or when there are physical symptoms that don’t appear to be related to any medical condition.

Suggested Alternative Nursing Diagnosis:

  • Activity Intolerance
  • Ineffective Coping
  • Disturbed Sleep Pattern
  • Impaired Memory

Usage Tips:

When assessing for Energy Field Imbalance, it is important to consider the individual’s lifestyle, recent life events, environment, access to social supports, and overall health status.

NOC Results:

  • Sleep/Rest: Ability to obtain adequate restorative sleep
  • Functional Status: Ability to perform activities of daily living within expected patterns
  • Ego Integrity: Feeling of mastery of one's environment and sense of self-esteem

NIC Interventions:

  • Energy Management: Instruction/guidance regarding conservation techniques, energy assessment, modification of activities, and pacing techniques.
  • Therapeutic Touch: Noninvasive technique of positioning hands on or near body to influence the flow of energy
  • Cognitive Restructuring: Adaptation
    of thought processes to modify behavior


Energy Field Imbalance is a complex condition in which disruption of natural energy fields within the body creates disruptive physical and emotional symptoms. Careful assessment and integration of holistic treatments, such as therapeutic touch and cognitive restructuring, as well as conventional interventions such as energy management and lifestyle modifications can help restore proper energy balance and improve quality of life.


  • What is the definition of Energy Field Imbalance?
  • What are the defining characteristics of Energy Field Imbalance?
  • Who is at risk for Energy Field Imbalance?
  • What are associated problems of Energy Field Imbalance?
  • What interventions are recommended for Energy Field Imbalance?

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