Deterioration Of Wheelchair Mobility

Deterioration Of Wheelchair Mobility .


Introduction to Nursing Diagnosis: Deterioration Of Wheelchair Mobility

Nursing assessment of a patient with a deteriorating level of wheelchair mobility requires careful study and monitoring. Wheelchair mobility is affected by a variety of intrinsic and extrinsic factors, including the patient's physical capabilities, environmental influences, and lifestyle choices. Most importantly, wheelchair mobility should be assessed in reference to the patient's overall health status and goals.

Nursing Diagnosis Definition: Deterioration Of Wheelchair Mobility

The nurse-diagnosis definition of “Deterioration of Wheelchair Mobility” states: “A decrease in the ability to safely and effectively control and utilize the wheelchair for daily activities, as evidenced by gradual loss of motor control, decreased range of motion, increased pain, or impaired safety measures.”

Defining Characteristics


  • Complains of decrease in functional wheelchair independence
  • Reported difficulty propelling the wheelchair
  • Declares feeling of fatigue after 1-2 hours of wheelchair transport


  • Observed lack of smooth movement with the wheelchair
  • Identified instability in changing direction of the wheelchair
  • Recorded decreased range of motion of upper extremities

Related Factors

  • Musculoskeletal impairment: Painful movement can result in decreased use of the wheelchair
  • Mobility Adaptive Equipment: Inadequately designed equipment or technical failure can impede wheelchair use
  • Environmental Barriers: Sloped or uneven terrain can create difficulty maneuvering the wheelchair

Risk Population

Individuals at risk for deterioration of wheelchair mobility include those with musculoskeletal impairments, cognitive impairments, and physical disabilities that limit access to appropriate wheelchair transportation.

Associated Problems

Associated problems related to Deterioration of Wheelchair Mobility include decreased independence, decreased mobility, and diminished quality of life.

Suggestions for Use

In order to encourage continued use of a wheelchair, the following suggestions can be used:

  • Identifying optimum seating position for each client
  • Locating accessible routes for wheelchair transport
  • Educating clients on safety procedures and equipment usage

Suggested Alternative NANDA Nursing Diagnoses

Alternative NANDA nursing diagnoses include Pain, Impaired Physical Mobility, and Poor Body Mechanics.

Usage Tips

It is important to document wheelchair assessment findings, medications, and interventions when working with patients experiencing deterioration of wheelchair mobility.

NOC Results

NOC Results that may occur with effective management of Deterioration of Wheelchair Mobility include Mobility, Transfer Ability, and Ambulation: Locomotion.

NIC Interventions

NIC interventions that may be implemented to address Deterioration of Wheelchair Mobility include Cognitive Guidance, Mobility Assistance, and Wheelchair Maintenance.

Conclusion & FAQ

Proper nursing assessment and care are essential for determining the cause of deteriorating wheelchair mobility and providing necessary interventions for optimal recovery. Careful observation and thorough documentation are required for maximum benefit. Questions regarding this nursing diagnosis can include inquiries about wheelchair maintenance and safety concerns as well as suggestions for mobility enhancements.

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