Anxiety Before Death

Anxiety Before Death



Nursing diagnoses are categorized in accordance with The International Classification for Nursing Practice (ICNP®), which provides an international standard of nursing diagnosis terminology and definitions. nursing diagnosis Anxiety Before Death is defined as a feeling of worry, uneasiness, or fear before death or related to dying.

Nursing Diagnosis Definition

Anxiety Before Death: A feeling of worry, uneasiness, or fear related to the process of impending death.

Defining Characteristics


  • Apprehension about dying
  • Fear of unknown
  • Feelings of impending doom
  • Verbalization of anxiety regarding dying


  • Increased vital signs
  • Cognitive difficulty
  • Increased restlessness
  • Maladaptive behaviors

Related Factors

  • Impending death
  • Decreasing level of functioning
  • Perceived helplessness
  • Inability to maintain control

Risk Population

Clients who are terminally ill and their caregivers often experience anxiety before death due to their decreased physical and mental functioning.

Associated Problems

The client and/or family may experience fear, guilt, and depression. The family may feel helpless and isolated, or be overwhelmed by their emotions.

Suggestions For Use

The nurse should provide emotional support, offering comfort and reassurance to the client and family.

Suggested Alternative Nursing Diagnosis

  • Coping, Ineffective Individual
  • Hopelessness
  • Grieving, Dysfunctional
  • Fear

Usage Tips

Before using this nursing diagnosis, it is important for the nurse to assess and determine the client’s level of understanding about the dying process.

List of NOC Results

  • Anxiety Level
  • Death Anxiety
  • Coping
  • Grief Work

List of NIC Interventions

  • Assisting With Comfort Measure/Techniques
  • Supporting the Dying process
  • Grief Work Facilitation
  • Reassuring Death Anxiety


Nursing Diagnosis Anxiety Before Death is an important diagnosis for nurses to be aware of when caring for terminally ill clients and their families. It is important for the nurse to be aware of the risk population and associated problems, in order to provide the necessary emotional support. This diagnosis can provide a helpful framework for the nurse to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate care.


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